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NECA San Diego Chapter
9350 Waxie Way, Suite 540
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: (858) 571-6322
Fax: (858) 571-6323

NECA San Diego Chapter Staff
Andy Berg – Executive Director

Karen Prescott-Loeffler – Director of Local Government Relations and Economic Development

Joshua DeSoto – Director of Educational Development & Member Services

Jean Bogena – Financial Executive Assistant


NECA San Diego Chapter Board of Directors


Executive Committee
• Governor: Timothy R. McBride, Southern Contracting Co.
• President: Robert W. Davies, Jr., Davies Electric
• Vice President: Brian J. Hudak, HMT Electric
• Treasurer: Robert W. Friar, Jr., Chula Vista Electric
• VP At Large: Timothy A. Dudek, Saturn Electric

• Kent N. Baker, Baker Electric
• Ted N. Baker, Baker Electric
• Craig A. Earley, Morrow-Meadows Corporation
• Thomas L. Hedges, Morrow-Meadows
• Richard W. McBride, Southern Contracting Company
• Clint E. Morgan, National Electric Works
• Phillip W. Petersen, Dynalectric Company
• David A. Raspolich, Dynalectric Company
• Peter E. Spencer, Audio Associates
• Earl C. Restine, Jr., Fuller Electric