• NECA 20th Annual Benefit Golf Tournament!

    Long-drives, sunshine, and lots of laughs best describe the NECA 20th Annual Benefit Golf Tournament at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club on September 11th. We were pleased to have members of the IBEW, the JATC, NECA Contractors, and affiliate sponsors all come together for an excellent day out on the green.

    The event started with an outstanding performance of the National Anthem by John Campbell of the JATC, which was especially impactful in remembrance of 9/11. After loading up their carts, the golfers took to the course to enjoy an afternoon of friendly competition.

    Some of the most notable performances came from the top overall 3 teams! In 1st place, Chris Plappert, Armando Garcia, Gabe Jimenez, and Jim Grieb. In 2nd place, Marilyn Ciborsky, Rob Glidden, Hannah Durette, and Tim Dunbar. In 3rd place, Duane Spring, Tony Mancuso, Tim Dudek, and Tim Dischner.

    In addition to these top teams, we also have the longest drive and closest to the pins. For the longest drive, we had Victoria Friar and Ryan Shook! For closest to the pins we had Dave Garcia at 2’ 10”, Darin Schulman 1’ 8”, and Ryan Shook 8’ 3”.

    The evening concluded with dinner and drinks, a great time for sharing stories of the day’s events about perfect shots and humbling chokes.

    Photos of the event posted on the NECA San Diego Facebook page.

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