• NECA San Diego Chapter Forms Steering Committees to Support Needs of Membership

    NECA San Diego announces two new steering committees to enhance member professional development and provide the resources NECA Members need to achieve success.


    The NECA San Diego Education Committee and Member Development

    The Education Committee reviews business trends and educational opportunities for relevance making recommendations to benefit the membership. Provides additional support for member outreach and business development. 

    Chaired by Bob Friar-Chula Vista Electric and NECA Board Member

    Committee Representatives:

    Associate Member, Paul Ericson Sparling

    Associate Member, Rich Finley of Leviton

    Associate Member, Anwar Hafeez  SDC & Associates, Inc.

    Associate Member, Brian Prusinski West Penn Wire

    Member, Juan Tapia Morrow-Meadows Corporation

    NECA Staff/Andy Berg, Karen Prescott-Loeffler


    The NECA San Diego Government Relations Committee

    The Government Relations committee reviews issues and policies of local and 

    Federal importance that impact your ability to operate a successful business.

    NECA continues to be your voice in the industry. 

    Chaired by, Pete Spencer Audio Associates and NECA Board Member

    Member, George Bonner Phazer Electric

    Associate Member, Mark McMahon Moss Adams LLP

    Associate Member, Bill Rattan Turpin & Rattan Engineering 

    NECA Staff/Andy Berg, Karen Prescott-Loeffler

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